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Sify Technologies Limited (Nasdaq:SIFY) operates is an information and communications technology company in India. Essentially, they are a very expansive service provider helping companies with what they call “digital enablement.” For enterprises, Sify represents a one-stop engagement across networks, data center, cloud, digital, and IT (Information Technology) services including security.

Comps: Similarweb Ltd. (NYSE:SMWB), VNET Group, Inc. (Nasdaq:VNET)

Before we compare, it is important to note that while Sify Technologies is around USD 300 million in market capitalization, Similarweb and VNET Group are around USD 530 million and USD 700 million, respectively. With that in mind, Sify Technologies is superior to both in earnings per share, profit margin, return on equity, revenue and quarterly revenue growth year-over-year, and net income.