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The Hartford Multifactor Small Cap ETF (ROSC) demonstrated resilience by gaining 1.3% in the past week, softening its monthly decline to just under 5%. In contrast, its small-cap value counterpart, the iShares Russell 2000 Value ETF (IWN), endured a 6.5% loss over the same month.

ROSC emerges as an attractive option for investors seeking exposure to small-cap value stocks while seeking refuge from excessive volatility. Employing a multifactor approach, ROSC sets its sights on outperforming cap-weighted indexes throughout a complete market cycle, all while offering up to 15% less turbulence.

Beyond the monthly performance comparison where ROSC mitigated losses compared to IWN, the ETF’s star power shines over more extended periods. Year to date, through the end of September, ROSC recorded a 2.5% climb, while IWN experienced a 0.6% decline.

When you zoom out to a one-year horizon, ROSC basks in the glory of a 14.1% gain, leaving IWN trailing with a 7.6% increase. Extending the gaze to three years, ROSC boasts a 47.7% return, comfortably outstripping IWN’s 42.3% performance (nonannualized).