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RF Industries, Ltd. (Nasdaq: RFIL) designs, manufactures, and markets interconnect products and systems through its subsidiaries. This broad range of products includes anything from various connectors and cables to energy-efficient cooling systems used in telecom, data communications, and industrial markets. As of the third quarter of 2022, RF Industries reported record net sales of USD 23.8 million, showing growth of 56% year over year.

Comps: WeTrade Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: WETG), Optical Cable Corporation (Nasdaq: OCC) 

When looking at both WeTrade Group and Optical Cable Corporation, RF Industries is valued in between their market capitalizations and directly competes with them. As for more specific measurables, RF Industries comes out on top of both when accounting for profit margin and return on equity. Additionally, they also outshine WeTrade Group in terms of earnings per share and price to earnings. Altogether, they perform well against the competition in key areas, and that coupled with their sales growth makes this company an intriguing opportunity.