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Preformed Line Products Company (Nasdaq:PLPC) designs and manufactures products and systems used in the construction and maintenance of overhead and underground networks for the energy, telecommunications, and broadband markets. Its business model revolves around delivering innovative and reliable products and services to its customers. Preformed Line Products Company is focused on its strong brand reputation, extensive experience in the industry, and developing innovative solutions to meet the needs of its customers.

Comps: Allied Motion Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq:AMOT), Powell Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq:POWL)

Preformed Line Products Company stands out among other manufacturers with an impressive earnings per share of over 10, indicating its strong profitability. It also has a more favorable price-to-earnings ratio, profit margin, return-on-equity, revenue, and net income compared to its peers. Although it may not offer a high dividend yield, its steep earnings have demonstrated significant potential for share price growth.