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OpenAI announced its acquisition of Global Illumination, a digital products company, marking the first publicly acknowledged purchase by the prominent artificial intelligence entity. The details surrounding the financial aspects of the transaction were not disclosed to the public.

Founded in New York in 2021, Global Illumination boasts founders Thomas Dimson, Taylor Gordon, and Joey Flynn, each of whom previously held roles at Instagram, a subsidiary of Meta (META). Among their many achievements, Dimson is recognized for contributing to the initial code responsible for Instagram’s content ranking algorithms, as stated on his personal website.

Following the acquisition, the entire team from Global Illumination will be assimilated into OpenAI, focusing their efforts on core projects. A significant emphasis will be on the further development and enhancement of ChatGPT, one of OpenAI’s flagship products.

Global Illumination’s most recent endeavors involved working on open-source technologies pertinent to online game production, aligning with OpenAI’s mission of pioneering advancements in artificial intelligence.

This article was originally published on Quiver Quantitative