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Onconova Therapeutics, Inc. (Nasdaq:ONTX) is a biopharmaceutical company that focuses on the development of novel small molecule drug candidates for the treatment of cancer. The company’s drug candidates are designed to target specific cellular pathways that are involved in the growth and survival of cancer cells. It is committed to advancing its pipeline of drug candidates through clinical development and regulatory approval to provide new treatment options for cancer patients.

Comps: Alimera Sciences, Inc. (Nasdaq:ALIM), Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (Nasdaq:LEXX)

In comparison to similar therapeutic manufacturers, Onconova Therapeutics distinguishes itself in a couple of areas. Firstly, it recorded a smaller loss in earnings per share than its competitors. Additionally, its profit margin is more favorable than Alimera Sciences’, indicating a more efficient use of resources. Furthermore, its return-on-equity metric is not as negative as that of Lexaria Bioscience Corp., indicating a better use of investor funds.