NI Holdings, Inc. (NODK)

NI Holdings, Inc. (NODK)

NI Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq:NODK) underwrites property and casualty insurance products and services in the United States. Their products include private passenger auto, non-standard automobile, homeowners, farm owners, crop hail and multi-peril crop, and liability insurance policies. They have about USD 652 million in assets on their balance sheet.

Comps: United Insurance Holdings Corp. (Nasdaq:UIHC), Universal Insurance Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:UVE)

If we compare NI Holdings to both United Insurance Holdings and Universal Insurance Holdings, we see that they do have a higher return on equity. Furthermore, their earnings per share, profit margin, and quarterly revenue growth year-over-year outshine that of United Insurance Holdings. While not boasting a yield, their stock is down 29% over the last year.

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