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National Bankshares, Inc. (Nasdaq:NKSH) is a premier bank holding company that serves the community of Blacksburg, Virginia through its National Bank of Blacksburg subsidiary. Renowned for its exceptional retail and commercial banking products and services, National Bankshares, Inc. provides support to individuals, businesses, non-profits, and local governments alike. This financial institution maintains assets in its books totaling USD 1.7 billion.

Comps: Parke Bancorp, Inc. (PKBK), Orrstown Financial Services, Inc. (ORRF)

When looking to compare National Bankshares with other similar firms, what stands out is its earnings per share of 4.31. In relation to Parke Bancorp and Orrstown Financial services, this EPS is significantly larger. Moreover, National Bankshares’ price to earnings, profit margin, return on equity, and net income beat that of Orrstown Financial Services despite not pulling in as much revenue. While the earnings are attractive, it does also offer an acceptable yield of about 3.75%.