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Morgan Stanley’s Crystal Ball: Traders Tiptoe Toward the Exit, Options Dealers Grab Their Hedge Umbrellas

Morgan Stanley’s sales and trading desk has sent a warning signal to trend-following traders, suggesting that they’re inching ever closer to unraveling their oversized market positions. Meanwhile, options dealers appear ready to shed some of their holdings in a quest to safeguard their equity exposures.

The bank’s analysis casts a spotlight on the crumbling technical landscape following Thursday’s market plunge, which has largely been attributed to the Federal Reserve’s hawkish stance. Jerome Powell and his cohorts have emphatically declared their commitment to keeping interest rates elevated for an extended period, triggering a widespread retreat in risk appetite, with equity indices breaching critical thresholds. According to Morgan Stanley’s data, this selloff might be far from over, potentially gaining momentum.

In Thursday’s trading session, stocks endured their third consecutive decline, with the S&P 500 tumbling by 1.6% to levels not seen since June. Along this downward spiral, the index breached its 100-day moving average for the first time since March. Additionally, the benchmark dipped below its 10-day and 50-day averages after flirting with them since August. These trend lines, akin to market mood rings, are vigilantly monitored by traders to gauge the momentum of the financial rollercoaster.

Barclays, the financial heavyweight, has rolled out its assessment of Organon (NYSE: OGN), the global healthcare titan, with an excited “Overweight” recommendation. In their evaluation, the bank has cast a spotlight on a one-year price target of $31.62 for Organon, hinting at a potential surge of 70.18% from the company’s recent closing price of $18.58. What’s intriguing is the diverse array of price forecasts for Organon’s stock, stretching from a cautious low of $23.23 to an ebullient high of $45.15.

Now, delving into Organon’s financial crystal ball, the company paints a picture of annual revenue with a projection standing tall at $6,376 million, showcasing a growth rate of 3.37%. As if that’s not tantalizing enough, Organon is also gazing into the future with a non-GAAP earnings per share (EPS) projection of 4.89. And for those who revel in reaping the rewards of their investments, Organon doesn’t disappoint. The company has demonstrated its commitment to nurturing shareholder value, bearing gifts in the form of a steady quarterly dividend of $0.28 per share ($1.12 when annualized), which was officially bestowed on August 8, 2023. This dividend, akin to sweet fruit, ripened and fell into the hands of shareholders of record as of August 18, 2023, ushering in prosperity on September 14, 2023.

Gold Edges Up as Dollar Retreats, but Fed’s Hawkish Stance Dampens Outlook

Gold prices inched higher on Friday, finding some relief as the dollar retreated from a six-month high. However, the outlook remained weak due to the potential for higher interest rates, following a hawkish stance from the Federal Reserve.

The yellow metal’s performance for the week was lackluster, with minimal interest from investors concerned about the rising interest rates.

This week, gold futures experienced significant fluctuations as the market recalibrated its expectations for the precious metal in response to elevated U.S. interest rates.

The most actively traded gold futures contract on the Comex, set to expire in December, saw a 0.2% increase on Friday, reaching $1,943.44 per ounce by 00:52 ET (04:52 GMT). Nonetheless, the contract registered a 0.1% decline over the course of the week.

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