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Mercantile Bank Corporation (MBWM) is a bank holding company that provides commercial and retail banking services to small- to medium-sized businesses and individuals in the United States through Mercantile Bank of Michigan. With 46 offices and approximately USD 4.9 billion in total assets, it is a leading provider of banking services.

Comps: Luther Burbank Corporation (Nasdaq:LBC), Capital City Bank Group, Inc. (Nasdaq:CCBG)

When looking in relation to other banking firms, Mercantile Bank Corporation stands out with impressive earnings per share of 3.9, return-on-equity, and revenue. It also has a better price-to-earnings ratio, profit margin, net income, and yield than Capital City Bank Group. With USD 4.9 billion in assets and 46 offices, Mercantile Bank Corporation is a strong option for potential investors seeking a reliable banking institution.