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Landmark Bancorp, Inc. (LARK) is the financial holding company for Landmark National Bank, delivering a diverse range of financial and banking services to local communities. With 31 offices located in Kansas and total assets valued at USD 1.5 billion, Landmark Bancorp, Inc. is positioned as a prominent player in the region’s financial landscape.

Comps: Eagle Bancorp Montana, Inc. (Nasdaq:EBMT), First Northwest Bancorp (Nasdaq:FNWB)

When compared to other banks, Landmark Bancorp, Inc. (Nasdaq:LARK) stands out in several key areas. It boasts higher earnings per share and return-on-equity than its peers, and its profit margin surpasses that of Eagle Bancorp Montana. Furthermore, with a yield of over 4%, Landmark Bancorp offers an attractive value proposition relative to other banks.