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Labcorp, the knight in shining lab coat, announced its valiant quest to acquire the genetic treasure trove of Invitae Corp, once hailed by the heralds of Softbank. In a tale fit for the financial chronicles, Labcorp shall claim all of Invitae’s assets through the noble ritual of bankruptcy auctioning, proving that even in the darkest of financial dungeons, there lies opportunity for the brave.

For a princely sum of $239 million in glittering gold coins and other assorted treasures, Labcorp secures its place in the annals of business lore. Invitae, once a proud kingdom of genetic testing, had found itself in the clutches of the dreaded Chapter 11 monster, but fear not, for Labcorp rides forth with a noble decree: to continue the legacy of Invitae’s genetic legacy. Let the saga of bankruptcy battles be inscribed in the scrolls of Wall Street, where assets dance with liabilities in a courtly waltz of finance.