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Kinetik (NYSE: KNTK), a prominent figure in the energy sector, has concluded a prosperous financial year marked by a remarkable achievement in adjusted EBITDA, soaring to $839 million, coupled with a record-breaking surge in processed gas volumes. Eyeing the horizon, the company has unveiled its financial projections for 2024, anticipating an adjusted EBITDA ranging from $905 million to $960 million, and a robust growth trajectory of over 10% in gas processing volumes year-over-year.

Kinetik’s forward-looking strategy has been instrumental in its success, with key initiatives such as the Delaware Link pipeline and the expansion of the Permian Highway Pipeline, complemented by their foray into New Mexico, strategically positioning them for sustained growth. Additionally, the company underscores the pivotal role of natural gas in meeting global energy demands and reaffirms its commitment to shareholders by maintaining a robust dividend payout, with a quarterly dividend of $0.75 per share declared.