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Haynes International, Inc. (Nasdaq: HAYN) is a leading end-to-end producer of high-performance nickel and cobalt-based alloys used in high corrosion and temperature applications. Their typical markets are aerospace, chemical processing, power generation, emerging and others. One unique trait is that they can sell to customers directly from their mill as well as worldwide service centers. Therefore, they are looking to build on the momentum of their 11.4% net income in proportion to sales and quarterly revenue growth of over 50% year over year.

Comps: Carpenter Technology Corporation (NYSE:CRS), Algoma Steel Group Inc. (Nasdaq:ASTL)

In comparison, Haynes International only outmatches Algoma Steel Group when it comes to revenue growth and earnings growth year over year. But they are superior to Carpenter Technology Systems in terms of earnings per share, price to earnings, profit margins, and return on equity. Although the basic metrics did not match up to Algoma Steel Group, they have impressive growth rates that should help propel operations.