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The Hanover Insurance Group (NYSE:THG) delivered a robust performance in the fourth quarter of 2023, instilling confidence in President and CEO John Roche and CFO Jeffrey Farber regarding sustained improvement throughout 2024. The company underscored its achievements in effectively managing catastrophes, optimizing its portfolio, and adapting to emerging trends. Surpassing initial expectations, The Hanover boasted a strong all-in combined ratio of 94.2% and an ex-CAT combined ratio of 90.2%.

Executives expressed a positive outlook for the upcoming year, anticipating stable loss ratios, continued rate hikes, and a strategic emphasis on margin recovery and diversification.

Key Highlights:

  • Fourth-quarter performance exceeded projections, showcasing a stellar 94.2% all-in combined ratio and an impressive 90.2% ex-CAT combined ratio.
  • Improvement was evident in Core Commercial and Specialty segments, while Personal Lines demonstrated progress with a reduced auto current accident year loss ratio.
  • Multiline casualty reinsurance renewals were successfully executed, maintaining a structure similar to expiring agreements.
  • Net investment income witnessed an upswing, driven by robust fixed income results, leading to a substantial 16.4% increase in book value per share.

Looking ahead to 2024, The Hanover anticipates a robust operating return on equity, mid-single digit net written premium growth, and a full-year combined ratio ranging between 90-91%, excluding catastrophic events. The company projects a 7% CAT load for 2024, with an anticipated decrease in 2025. This forward-looking perspective further solidifies The Hanover’s optimistic stance on its financial trajectory and strategic positioning in the insurance landscape.