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Green Plains Partners LP (Nasdaq:GPP) is a fee-based limited partnership formed by Green Plains Inc., a publicly-traded ethanol producer. It provides ethanol and fuel storage, terminal and transportation services by owning, operating, developing, and acquiring ethanol and fuel storage tanks, terminals, transportation assets, and other related assets and businesses. Its customers include Green Plains Inc. and other third-party ethanol producers.

Comps: NGL Energy Partners LP (NYSE:NGL), KNOT Offshore Partners LP (NYSE:KNOP)

Compared to similar companies, Green Plains Partners outperforms in several key metrics. Specifically, its earnings per share, profit margin, return-on-equity, and yield are significantly higher than its peers. Additionally, its price-to-earnings ratio and net income are also greater than those of NGL Energy Partners. Overall, its fundamentals are strong, including an impressive 14.3% yield despite not possessing the revenues of its counterparts.