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The most important action to keep people safe in a high-risk situation is to warn them of the emergency. That is where Genasys Inc. (Nasdaq: GNSS) comes in; they provide critical communications hardware and software solutions worldwide. Their products include devices necessary for long-range communications utilized during emergency situations and their patented emergency management software. Moreover, this software is the first integrated software of its kind, combining hardware, software, and real-time data to construct and send targeted messaging immediately. 

Comps: The Singing Machine Company, Inc. (Nasdaq: MICS), Spok Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: SPOK)

Let us look at Genasys in relation to these two companies; Genasys outpaces both in terms of price-to-earnings and revenue growth year over year. On top of that, their debt is lower in proportion to their equity than that of The Singing Machine Company. Furthermore, while they did post negative earnings, their earnings per share is more favorable than that of Spok Holdings.