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Future FinTech Group Inc. (Nasdaq:FTFT) is a company that operates in the financial technology industry. The company offers a range of blockchain-based solutions and services, including a blockchain-based e-commerce platform, an electronic payment system, and a digital asset management platform. It aims to provide secure and efficient payment and asset management services to customers worldwide.

Comps: FlexShopper, Inc. (Nasdaq:FPAY), Treasure Global Inc. (Nasdaq:TGL)

Compared to other similar software companies, Future FinTech Group does have the edge in a few fundamentals. Specifically, its debt-to-equity ratio is significantly more favorable than its peers. Additionally, it exhibits better earnings per share and return-on-equity than Treasure Global. Furthermore, Future FinTech Group’s revenue growth year-over-year is also more favorable than that of Treasure Global, indicating its potential for growth.