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FONAR Corporation (Nasdaq:FONR) engages in the full-scale development of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners. Their MRI machine is the only one that has the capability of scanning the patient in multiple positions, including completely upright. Effectively, the versatility of this allows for better identification of ailments, which offers better patient outcomes. Currently, the company owns and operates 5 diagnostic imaging facilities in Florida; and manages 41 MRI scanning facilities, in both New York and Florida.

Comps: Electromed, Inc. (NYSE:ELMD), BioSig Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:BSGM)

In relation to these other two medical device manufacturers, FONAR Corporation is superior in earnings per share, profit margins, return on equity, revenue generation, and net income. Furthermore, they have a lower price to earnings per share ratio than Electromed. Not to mention, they are also less impacted by debt than BioSig Technologies.