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First Internet Bancorp (Nasdaq:INBK) operates as the bank holding company for First Internet Bank of Indiana that provides commercial and retail banking products and services to individuals and commercial customers in the United States. It serves customers nationwide and manages USD 4.5 billion in total assets.

Comps: VersaBank (Nasdaq:VBNK), First Bank (Nasdaq:FRBA)

Relative to similar firms, First Internet Bancorp excels in many notable metrics. Notably, its earnings per share of 3.9 and price-to-earnings ratio of 4.5 demonstrate strong profitability and valuation compared to its competition. Additionally, its revenue and yield are higher than many of its peers, indicating robust growth and income potential. Moreover, First Internet Bancorp outperforms VersaBank in terms of return-on-equity and net income, further showcasing its superior financial performance.