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Financial Institutions, Inc. (Nasdaq:FISI) is a holding company for Five Star Bank, a chartered bank that offers banking and financial services to individuals, municipalities, and businesses in New York. With 48 branch offices, the company has a strong presence in the region and manages USD 5.8 billion in assets.

Comps: The First of Long Island Corporation (Nasdaq:FLIC), SmartFinancial, Inc. (Nasdaq:SMBK)

Relative to other institutions, Financial Institutions’ stands out among its peers with a strong earnings per share of 3.6 and a favorable price-to-earnings ratio of 5.5. Additionally, the company’s return-on-equity and net income are significantly better than its competitors. Moreover, its yield of 6.1% is better than SmartFinancial’s and comparable to The First of Long Island Corporation.