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Fed Minutes, Nvidia Earnings, and Global PMI Data: Key Events to Watch This Week

Brace yourself for a whirlwind week in the world of finance. The Federal Reserve is set to release the minutes of its latest meeting and several Fed officials are scheduled to share their wisdom, fueling the markets with fresh expectations for rate cuts. Meanwhile, Nvidia, the AI superstar, is gearing up to report its earnings. With everyone watching, will it meet sky-high expectations or leave investors holding their breath?

Wednesday’s Fed minutes should shed light on Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s stance on keeping rates higher for longer amidst persistent inflation. Adding to the drama, a recent report indicated a slower-than-expected rise in U.S. consumer prices, hinting at a downward inflation trend. As if that weren’t enough, a parade of Fed officials including Raphael Bostic, Michael Barr, Christopher Waller, and others will be making speeches throughout the week.

Nvidia’s earnings on Wednesday could set the tone for U.S. stock markets. The semiconductor giant, at the heart of the AI frenzy, is expected to announce a spectacular revenue and profit jump, making its already sky-high stock price look modest. With revenue projected to soar to $24.8 billion from last year’s $7.2 billion, and earnings per share jumping to $5.57 from $1.09, all eyes are on whether Nvidia can surpass these lofty expectations.

Global PMI data from the U.S., China, the eurozone, and the U.K. will offer insights into the health of the world economy. Despite a slow recovery in the euro area, recent U.S. inflation trends and China’s robust first-quarter growth paint a brighter economic picture. However, escalating U.S. tariffs on Chinese imports and retaliatory threats from China pose risks to global trade and growth.

In the U.K., all eyes are on the April CPI data due Wednesday. Economists expect a significant slowdown in inflation, possibly bringing it closer to the Bank of England’s 2% target. BoE Governor Andrew Bailey will add to the anticipation with his remarks on Tuesday, while April retail sales data will round out the week.

Finally, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand meets on Wednesday, likely keeping rates steady for the seventh consecutive meeting amidst persistent inflation and a sluggish economy. While market bets hint at a rate cut in October, the RBNZ remains cautious, projecting no cuts until next year.

So, buckle up and get ready to navigate a week packed with pivotal economic data, high-stakes earnings reports, and influential central bank decisions. Here’s what you need to know to kick off your week with a savvy investment strategy.

Draganfly Soars: Q1 Revenue Skyrockets by 45%, CEO Highlights Strategic Successes

Draganfly Inc (NASDAQ:DPRO), a high-flyer in the commercial drone world, has soared to new heights with its first-quarter revenue for 2024, boasting a 45% increase from the previous quarter. CEO Cameron Chell proudly shared the news of Q1 revenues hitting $1.3 million, accompanied by a gross profit of $280,000—a tidy 21% margin. The company’s coffers were well-stocked with a $4 million cash balance by quarter’s end, sweetened by an additional $3.5 million infusion thereafter. Chell also spotlighted Draganfly’s strategic alliances, military contract aspirations, and industry accolades, cementing the company’s status as a rare breed of drone manufacturers capable of keeping pace with surging market demands.

After a weekend of relaxing, soul-searching, and possibly regretting those extra nachos, Monday morning’s investment decisions demand a certain finesse. Armed with a fresh outlook and slightly fewer brain cells, it’s the perfect time to dive back into the market with the confidence of someone who just survived a family brunch debate unscathed. With a clear mind and a slightly lighter wallet (thanks, brunch), you’re ready to spot the next big opportunity—whether it’s a high-flying tech stock or just a really good sandwich for lunch. After all, the best investments are made with a rested mind, a full stomach, and the daring spirit of someone who conquered weekend chaos and lived to trade another day.