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Diamond Hill Investment Group, Inc. (Nasdaq:DHIL) through its subsidiary, Diamond Hill Capital Management, Inc., provides investment advisory and fund administration services in the United States. It offers its service through pooled investment vehicles, including the Diamond Hill Funds, separately managed accounts, and model delivery programs. Currently, it holds about USD 26.4 billion in assets under management.

Comps: Capital Southwest Corporation (Nasdaq:CSWC), Associated Capital Group, Inc. (NYSE:AC)

It is important to point out that Associated Capital Group has a market capitalization of USD 800 million, Capital Southwest Corporation’s is USD 640 million, and Diamond Hill Investment Groups’ is near USD 530 million. With that being said, Diamond Hill Investment Group recorded a more favorable earnings per share, price to earnings ratio, return on equity, revenue, and net income than these other two asset management companies. Despite the relative market shares, Diamond Hill Investment Group boasts an EPS of 13 and a yield of 3.4% for an added incentive.