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CapStar Financial Holdings, Inc. (CSTR)

CapStar Financial Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq:CSTR) is a financial powerhouse serving consumer and corporate customers throughout Tennessee. Operating through CapStar Bank, it provides unparalleled banking services from 26 convenient locations. With over USD 3.1 billion in total assets, CapStar Financial Holdings, Inc. is well-equipped to meet the diverse financial needs of its clientele.

Comps: Red River Bancshares, Inc. (Nasdaq:RRBI), Macatawa Bank Corporation (Nasdaq:MCBC)

CapStar Financial Holdings separates itself from other banks with its strong performance in key financial metrics such as price-to-earnings ratio, revenue generation, and net income. In addition, CapStar demonstrated a higher earnings per share than Macatawa Bank Corporation. Overall, CapStar presents a moderate opportunity for investors, providing a better yield than Red River Bancshares.