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Auto Giants vs. Union Drama: Unfair Play Claims and Wage Wars Heat Up the Highway

The United Auto Workers union (UAW) has taken center stage in a drama that’s hotter than a souped-up engine. On Thursday, they didn’t just file unfair labor practice charges against the heavyweights General Motors (NYSE:GM) and Stellantis (NYSE:STLA), they practically dropped the mic. Accusing them of playing dodgeball with good faith bargaining, UAW called in the National Labor Relations Board to be the referee in this match.

In true “I-didn’t-do-it” style, both GM and Stellantis put on their best poker faces and flat-out denied the allegations of unfair labor charges. It’s like a classic game of automotive poker, folks.

Meanwhile, Ford Motor (NYSE:F) stepped onto the scene with an offer that’s raised a few eyebrows. A 9% wage increase through 2027 is on the table, but let’s be real – it’s a bit like coming to a pizza party with a single slice. The UAW, with all the swagger of a rockstar, is gunning for a jaw-dropping 46% wage hike. Talk about shooting for the stars!

But the real showstopper was UAW President Shawn Fain, who jumped into the ring of online remarks. With determination that could lift a car, he declared that the sides are basically on different planets. Buckle up, because he’s ready to “fight like hell” for justice in this automotive arena.

And here’s where it gets juicy. Fain slapped the Detroit automakers with some heavy allegations, claiming they’re itching to pack up U.S. auto plants and ship them off to low-wage countries. If that’s not enough drama, he coined the threats of plant closures as nothing short of “economic terrorism.

Moving Markets

Dow futures lift, Salesforce adds 5.7% after earnings

U.S. stock futures were trading in a tight range on Thursday night, following a mixed performance among major benchmark averages as investors looked ahead to key nonfarm payrolls data set for release later in Friday’s trade.

  • By 6:50pm ET (10:50pm GMT) Dow Jones Futures were up by 0.1%, S&P 500 Futures were flat and, Nasdaq 100 Futures dipped 0.1%.
  • In extended deals, Dell Technologies Inc (NYSE:DELL) added 7.5% after the company reported Q2 EPS of $1.74 versus $1.14 on revenues of $22.9 billion versus $20.86 billion expected.
  • MongoDB (NASDAQ:MDB) gained 4.1%, reporting EPS of $0.93 versus $0.46 expected, while revenues were reported at $423.8 million versus $393.68 million expected.
  • Broadcom Inc (NASDAQ:AVGO) fell 4.8%, reporting Q4 EPS of $10.54 versus $10.43 expected on revenues of $8.88 billion versus 8.85 billion expected.
  • VMware Inc (NYSE:VMW) eased 1.7% after reporting EPS of $1.83 versus $1.71 expected on revenue of $3.41 billion versus $3.46 billion expected
  • Lululemon Athletica Inc (NASDAQ:LULU) added 1.1% after reporting EPS of $2.68 versus $2.53 expected, with revenues coming in at $2.2 billion versus $2.17 billion expected.
  • Ahead in Friday’s trade, market participants will closely monitor average hourly earningsnonfarm payrolls and unemployment rate figures, as well as the Markit and ISM manufacturing PMIs.
  • During Thursday’s regular session, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dipped 168.3 points or 0.5% to 34,721.9, the S&P 500 lost 7.2 points or 0.2% to 4,507.7 while the NASDAQ Composite ticked 0.1% higher to 14,035. For the month of August, the Dow shed 2.4%, the S&P 500 dipped 1.4% and the NASDAQ lost 1.7%.
  • On the bond markets, United States 10-Year rates were at 4.106%.


Hold onto your hats, because Broadcom just dropped a financial bombshell on Thursday, leaving analysts with their jaws on the floor and their calculators in disbelief. This tech powerhouse is riding high on expectations, betting big on AI-related spending for infrastructure software and semiconductors, and boy, does it seem to be paying off.

But wait, there’s a plot twist! After-hours trading saw Broadcom Inc (NASDAQ:AVGO) shares take a 3.3% tumble – a bit of a “hey, let’s keep things interesting” move following the report. Not to rain on their parade though, as this stock had strutted its stuff into a 52-week high earlier in the regular session.

So, what’s all the fuss about? Well, it’s like Broadcom is the superhero of the financial world, swooping in to save the day with earnings per share soaring to a staggering $10.54. Hold onto your calculators, folks! Revenue joins the party, dancing its way up to a cool $8.88 billion. And just to keep things spicy, those analysts hanging out over at predicted earnings per share of $10.43 on a revenue of $8.85 billion. Almost there, analysts, but not quite!

Gold Struts Above $1,900 with Inflation Eye-Roll

Gold prices strutted confidently above the oh-so-vital mid-$1,900 mark on Thursday, giving inflation a quick side-eye before deciding to take a slight dip. It seems inflation decided to make an entrance with an extra punch, sparking a lively debate about potential Fed rate hikes. As if that wasn’t enough excitement, whispers in the financial breeze hinted at a dramatic drop in U.S. job numbers for August.

Economists, who might as well be financial fortune tellers, foresee a measly 170,000 job increase – a smidge compared to July’s 187,000 boost. It’s like job growth decided to take a siesta, giving us the smallest monthly job expansion show since February 2021. Meanwhile, the Fed’s got its magnifying glass out, scanning every inch of U.S. job and wage data like a seasoned detective. Their mission? To figure out how these factors might throw shade at inflation and stir up the intrigue surrounding interest rates in their grand performance on September 20th.

And if you thought the drama was over, think again. Enter the stage, the Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) Index, showcasing a 3.3% year-to-July inflation expansion. It’s like inflation’s dance moves are a bit too wild for the Fed’s liking, clearly overshooting their 2% target. This little act of inflation rebellion made folks ponder whether the central bank would stick to their hawkish ways, and wouldn’t you know it, gold felt the weight of these speculations.

Fridays are for more than just the weekend vibes – they’re for flaunting your financial finesse and showing those investments who’s boss! While others might be daydreaming about the next party, you’re over here strategizing like a Wall Street wizard. So go ahead, make those market moves, watch those stock charts with the intensity of a suspense thriller, and remember, your Friday night ROI might just outshine that Saturday sunset.