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ATIF Holdings Limited (Nasdaq: ATIF) is a full-service consulting company that services small and medium enterprises go public whether on the OTC or other exchanges. Notably, it owns and operates, which is an internet-based financial consulting platform to provide online access for their clients’ needs. In addition, they also offer, M&A consulting, international financial consulting services, as well as investment and financing due diligence services. Certainly, the breadth and accessibility of their services should be intriguing to enterprises in need of consult.

Comps: Panamera Holdings Corporation (OTHEROTC: PHCI), Sunrise New Energy Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: EPOW)

When we look to compare, Panamera Holdings Corporation has recorded metrics well below that of ATIF: price to earnings, debt to equity, profit margin, and return on equity are magnitudes lower yet the market value is about USD 76 million as opposed to USD 22 million for ATIF. Additionally, if we look at enterprise value in relation to market value, Sunrise New Energy is overvalued in comparison.