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Arrow Financial Corporation (Nasdaq:AROW) is a bank holding company who provides commercial and consumer banking, and financial products and services. It has three subsidiaries including two banking companies and one insurance firm. As of their most recent reports, their net income in Q3 2022 was USD 12.2 million and their assets total nearly USD 4 billion.

Comps: SmartFinancial, Inc. (Nasdaq:SMBK), Carter Bankshares, Inc. (Nasdaq:CARE)

When comparing Arrow Financial Corporation to akin banking firms, its profit margins and return on equity of 34% and 13.5%, respectively, set it apart. Furthermore, it also outperforms both SmartFinancial and Carter Bankshares in earnings per share and yield: its being 3.5%. In addition, Arrow Financial Corporation’s price to earnings ratio and net income outdid that of SmartFinancial.