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Alerus Financial Corporation (Nasdaq:ALRS) through its subsidiary, Alerus Financial, National Association, provides various financial services to businesses and consumers. They have four segments: banking, retirement and benefit services, wealth management, and mortgage. They offer banking services through fourteen offices in North Dakota, Minnesota, and Arizona, but retirement services nationwide. Notably, they hold USD 3.78 billion in assets on their balance sheet.

Comps: SmartFinancial, Inc. (Nasdaq:SMBK), The First of Long Island Corporation (Nasdaq:FLIC)

For reference, these financial operations are between USD 350 million and USD 450 million in market capitalization. With that being said, Alerus Financial Corporation outperformed both SmartFinancial and The First Long of Island Corporation in return on equity and outright revenue. In addition, they showed higher earnings per share than The First of Long Island Corporation.