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ACNB Corporation (Nasdaq:ACNB), a financial holding company, offers banking, insurance, and financial services to individual, business, and government customers. With an impressive presence across 26 branch locations in Pennsylvania and Maryland, ACNB Corporation offers convenience and accessibility to its customers. ACNB Corporation also boasts USD 2.5 billion in total assets.

Comps: Citizens & Northern Corporation (Nasdaq:CZNC), Sierra Bancorp (Nasdaq:BSRR)

ACNB Corporation outshines its counterparts in most fundamental areas, particularly in terms of earnings per share and price to earnings ratio, with values of 4 and 8.9 respectively. Additionally, ACNB Corporation boasted greater profit margin, return on equity, and net income than Citizens & Northern Corporation, further demonstrating its financial superiority. With robust statistics across the board, ACNB Corporation offers an impressive 3% yield to its investors, making it a wise and lucrative investment opportunity.