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AbbVie Confident in Botox’s Market Share Amidst Rising Competition in Aesthetics Sector

AbbVie’s optimism shines through as it anticipates Botox’s enduring dominance in the aesthetics sector despite rising competition from new anti-wrinkle injections. While economic uncertainties and competitor entries like Revance Therapeutics’ Daxxify and Evolus’ Jeuveau have impacted Botox sales, AbbVie stands firm in securing a robust 68% share.

Jeffrey Stewart, AbbVie’s Chief Commercial Officer, highlighted their effective stronghold during the J.P. Morgan healthcare conference, emphasizing their resilience even as Daxxify’s effects lasting six months challenge Botox’s market presence. Additionally, AbbVie is witnessing positive strides in the cosmetic filler market, enhancing its portfolio following the strategic acquisition of Allergan in 2020. This maneuver fortified AbbVie’s position before the U.S. exclusivity loss of their blockbuster drug, Humira, last year.

Despite recent moves by CVS Health favoring biosimilar versions over Humira, Stewart noted that AbbVie’s newer drugs, Skyrizi and Rinvoq, particularly excelled in inflammatory bowel disease, projected to surpass Humira’s peak sales by 2027. With AbbVie’s shares rising nearly 1% in afternoon trade, their confidence in Botox’s resilience amid competitive pressure remains steadfast.

U.S. Stocks Inch Up Amidst Inflation Report Anticipation and Corporate Rebounds; Oil Prices Fluctuate on Mixed Inventory Data

U.S. stocks made modest gains Wednesday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average up by 56 points (0.15%), the S&P 500 rising 14 points (0.3%), and the NASDAQ Composite climbing 75 points (0.5%) by 12:55 ET (17:55 GMT).

Market watchers are in a cautious “wait-and-see mode” ahead of Thursday’s crucial consumer inflation report for December, pivotal in shaping sentiment before the upcoming Federal Reserve meeting. Despite the Fed’s dovish outlook on borrowing costs in 2024, some policymakers are toning down expectations of an early rate cut.

The core inflation figure is slightly up by 0.2% month-on-month, bringing the annual pace down to 3.8%, a level last seen in mid-2021. Should inflation persist, it could negatively impact equities.

Boeing shares rebounded by 1.6% after a recent 9% decline over two sessions due to CEO Dave Calhoun’s acknowledgment of a dangerous mid-air incident with a 737 Max aircraft. Scrutiny around Boeing’s 737 Max, previously involved in safety crises, has resurged.

Tesla’s stock dipped 0.8% following the release of an updated Model 3 sedan in North America. Meanwhile, Coinbase Global’s stock initially dropped over 2% but recovered later in the day after Bitcoin’s price swung wildly due to a false post on social media regarding SEC approval for Bitcoin exchange-traded funds.

Earnings season kicks off Friday with big banks like Bank of America, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, and Wells Fargo reporting.

Oil prices initially rose but later fell, impacted by supply disruptions in the Middle East and mixed U.S. inventory data, where crude stockpiles decreased more than anticipated, but gasoline and distillates inventories saw substantial builds, potentially due to a severe winter storm affecting travel.

Official crude inventory figures from the Energy Information Administration are expected later, influencing oil prices. Gold futures dropped 0.3% to $2,024.05/oz, while EUR/USD traded 0.3% higher at 1.0967.

Goldman Sachs Analysts Predict Upward Trend for Payments Sector in 2024

Goldman Sachs analysts recently shared their 2024 outlook for the payments sector, foreseeing potential valuation gains after a challenging 2023 that saw industry headwinds and lagging market performance.

While they anticipate a possible uptick in valuations this year, the analysts also warn of continued fundamental disparity. They highlight a consistent trend of weaker discretionary spending and pressure on average transaction sizes, favoring companies with unique tailwinds driving revenue growth or surpassing profitability forecasts.

Among their top choices for large-cap payments, Goldman Sachs singles out Global Payments Inc. (NYSE:GPN), citing an expected acceleration in earnings per share (EPS) growth and a revival in capital returns.

In a noteworthy move, analysts upgraded TOST stock to Buy, resulting in a 1% uptick in share value. Their rationale rests on the potential for market share expansion, potential outperformance in expense management, and an appealing valuation relative to industry peers.

The analysts have set a $24 per share price target for TOST stock.

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