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3M’s Shares Rally as $5.5 Billion Settlement Buzz Resonates Amid Military Earplug Lawsuits

In the vibrant premarket dance of Wall Street, 3M Co. (NYSE:MMM) orchestrated an impressive ascent on Monday. The crescendo followed a symphony of media whispers, hinting that the industrial juggernaut is orchestrating a deal worth over $5.5 billion to quell the chorus of lawsuits alleging that their earplugs, once thought to be shields of auditory sanctuary for the U.S. military, were but whispers in the wind of effectiveness.

Behind the scenes, a delicate pas de deux of negotiation plays out, the protagonists being 3M and the weighty litigation that bears down upon it. While the final note of this financial sonata remains to be struck, those in the know suggest that the grand finale is yet to be composed. Bloomberg News was the first to cue the spotlight onto this potential settlement overture.

In this courtroom drama, over 300,000 current and former soldiers, now stars of a plaintiff constellation, assert their claim that the Minnesota-based conglomerate and its subsidiary knowingly manufactured earplugs that harmonized more with cacophony than with safety. The discordant outcome? Allegations of hearing loss left them more attuned to silence’s void than to the melodies of life.

As the financial markets await the resolution’s denouement, 3M’s stock chart plays a lively allegro, its upward tempo mimicking the rise in expectation. Will this financial composition conclude on a triumphant crescendo or a muted diminuendo? The answer reverberates in the corridors of the stock exchange and the courtrooms alike.

Biggest Movers

3M, XPeng, Hawaiian Electric Industries rise premarket; Novocure slides

Stocks in focus in premarket trade on Monday, August 28th.

  • 3M Company (NYSE:MMM) stock rose 6.1%, following media reports that the industrial conglomerate has tentatively agreed to pay over $5.5 billion to resolve hundreds of thousands of lawsuits alleging that its earplugs sold to the U.S. military were defective.
  • Xpeng Inc.’s (NYSE:XPEV) U.S. shares climbed 5.4%, following a move by the Chinese electric vehicle start-up to purchase DiDi Global Inc.’s (OTC:DIDIY) smart-car development business in a deal that both removes a possible competitor and adds a tech-savvy strategic partner.
  • Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc. (NYSE:HE) shares surged 30% after its subsidiary Hawaiian Electric Co. released a statement saying its power lines were not energized when a deadly wildfire broke out on Maui earlier this month.
  • VinFast Auto (NASDAQ:VFS) shares jumped 19% in the latest bout of volatile trading in the Vietnamese electric vehicle group that went public through a merger with a blank-check firm on August 15.
  • Novocure Ltd. (NASDAQ:NVCR) shares slid 34.8% after the oncology company said a late-stage trial showed that its therapy missed its main target of improving survival rates in patients suffering from a type of ovarian cancer.
  • 3M, XPeng, Hawaiian Electric Industries rise premarket; Novocure slides



In a display of strong determination, the United Auto Workers (UAW) union announced a resounding chorus of approval from its members on Friday. An impressive 97% of voting comrades at General Motors, Ford Motor, and Stellantis gave the nod to the potential strike, should the forthcoming negotiations fail to yield an agreement.

UAW’s Head Honcho, Shawn Fain, the maestro orchestrating the union representing approximately 150,000 diligent laborers, made it clear that the union’s stance on the matter was steadfast. Despite the ticking clock toward the expiration of the current four-year contract on September 14, Fain ruled out any contract deadline extensions while slyly hinting at a slew of alternative strategies being considered.

In a plot twist that even Hollywood would envy, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has hit the snooze button on its showdown with Amgen (NASDAQ:AMGN) over its audacious $27.8 billion shopping spree for Horizon Therapeutics (NASDAQ:HZNP). With an air of contemplation, the FTC takes a pause, granting itself time to ponder whether this saga is worth a settlement encore.

Mark your calendars, because this theatrical intermission is in full effect until September 18, leaving us all on the edge of our seats. Not to be outdone, Amgen is strutting its legal prowess, ready to prove that blocking this union would be like denying the world’s juiciest plot twist. Courthouse drama, anyone?

Mondays and investing – a duo that could rewrite your financial fate. As the week dawns, so does a realm of opportunities in the stock market. It’s like stepping onto a fresh playground with stocks swinging and charts sliding. So, dust off your crystal ball, sip that invigorating Monday morning coffee, and get ready to make your money dance – just remember, even Wall Street needs a little caffeine to kickstart the week!