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Willis Lease Finance Corporation (Nasdaq:WLFC) is a leading global lessor of commercial aircraft engines. The company leases engines to airlines, aircraft engine manufacturers, and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) providers worldwide. Its advantage lies in its extensive market knowledge, technical expertise, and strong relationships with its customers, which enables it to offer flexible leasing solutions and maximize the value of its engine portfolio.

Comps: The Aaron’s Company, Inc. (NYSE:AAN), Alta Equipment Group Inc. (NYSE:ALTG)

When comparing to similar equipment leasing companies, Willis Lease Finance Corporation showed an advantage in a few fundamental categories. Specifically, its earnings per share and profit margin, although not stellar, were better than those of its peers. Moreover, its price-to-earnings ratio, return-on-equity, and net income beat the Aaron’s Company’s. Overall, the Willis Lease Finance Corporation shows competitive metrics without having the revenue or the yield of others in its industry.