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Vera Bradley, Inc. (Nasdaq: VRA) together with its subsidiaries, designs, manufactures and sells women’s handbags, luggage, and travel items, fashion and home accessories, and gifts. The company sells its branded products through full-line and factory outlet stores as well as online. As with most apparel and accessories, the value to the customer is in the brand. Vera Bradley’s brand seems to aim towards connecting women with a colorful and affordable brand.

Comps: Birks Group Inc. (NYSE: BGI), Fossil Group, Inc. (Nasdaq:FOSL)

Let us look at these two similar brands in comparison with Vera Bradley. In key areas like earnings per share, price to earnings, and debt to equity, Vera Bradley has preferable values. Furthermore, Vera Bradley has greater revenues and return on equity than Birks Group. In fact, they pulled in more than USD 500 million last year.