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Landon CapitalCompetitions
Financial Communication
Investor Engagement
Shareholder Relations
Market Intelligence
Crisis Management
Regulatory Compliance
Analyst and Media Relations
Sell-side analysts reports
Social Media and PR
Buy-side Support
Quarterly Non Deal Roadshows
Transparent Monthly Reporting

Approach to Execution

Public Companies

Number 1

Execute onboarding call to create fact sheet and analyst report

Number 2

Find qualified investors to distribute investment thesis to achieve the ideal share price that displays the true value of the company

Number 3

Representing the company to investors and vice versa

Number 4

Distribute information to investors (retail and institutional) in a well- timed and accurate manner

Number 5

Offer research data to support company valuations

Number 6

Aggressive approach to expand the company’s message

Number 7

Presenting investor comments to the company’s management and board

Number 8

Construct receptive capital markets for future financing at suitable terms