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Tech Rally Boosts U.S. Stocks Following Fed Chair’s Rate Cut Comments

The U.S. stock market saw gains on Wednesday as tech stocks rallied following statements from Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell about impending interest rate cuts later in the year. At 13:46 ET (18:46 GMT), the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 151 points, the S&P 500 increased by 0.8%, and the NASDAQ Composite gained 0.9%.

Powell confirmed that the Federal Reserve expects to lower its benchmark interest rate in the coming months. He mentioned that although the economy and labor market are strong, rate cuts will still be implemented carefully, expressing confidence that a cut will happen “sometime this year.”

Recent data has shown a robust labor market, with job openings exceeding expectations in January. Traders anticipate a 70% likelihood of the first rate cut occurring in June.

Tech stocks saw a resurgence as chip stocks rebounded, with companies like NVIDIA, Intel, and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing experiencing gains. CrowdStrike soared after reporting better-than-expected earnings, driven by growth in various segments.

Campbell Soup reported strong Q4 results, while Nordstrom faced a decline in stock value due to disappointing guidance for the year.


VCI Global Limited (NASDAQ: VCIG) has shown volatility since its Nasdaq debut last April. Recent agreements hint at stability and potential revenue growth. Wootzano Limited appointed VCI as the sole distributor of its Avarai robotic packing systems in Malaysia. VCI expects to deploy 10,000 Avarai robots by 2030 and enjoy priority supply and pricing terms.

Moreover, VCI excels in IPO consulting, with recent deals like Reveillon Group and Fin-MedTech Medical Group. The partnership with Microsoft Azure OpenAI services underscores its commitment to cutting-edge technology.

Revenue streams include service fees for IPO consultancy, technology consultancy, and real estate projects. With the global consulting market projected to reach $111.4 billion by 2031, VCI Global (VCIG) is positioned for growth.

Undervalued and with promising revenue models, VCI Global’s stock is anticipated to rise. Learn more about this emerging growth company at VCI Global Limited (NASDAQ: VCIG).


Oppenheimer Boosts CrowdStrike Price Target to $355, Upbeat on Company’s Growth Outlook

CrowdStrike Holdings (NASDAQ:CRWD) received a price target bump from Oppenheimer, indicating optimism in the company’s recent success and future potential. With the target price raised to $355 from $300 and an ongoing Outperform rating, confidence in the cybersecurity firm is soaring.

CrowdStrike posted impressive fourth-quarter results, boasting a 27% year-over-year growth in net new annual recurring revenue (NNARR) and significant profitability gains with a 25% operating margin and 33% free cash flow margin. The company’s resilience against spending fatigue is evident, as seen in the strong platform adoption and a 100% surge in deals involving multiple product modules.

Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) for emerging products has surpassed $850 million, setting CrowdStrike apart from its competitors. Moving forward, emerging product launches scheduled for FY25 and strategic partnerships are expected to further propel CrowdStrike’s success. Oppenheimer remains bullish on CrowdStrike’s growth prospects, adjusting estimates to align with the company’s guidance and raising the price target to $355 while maintaining an Outperform rating. Anticipation is high for CrowdStrike to continue its momentum and solidify its position in the cybersecurity sector.

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