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Smart Sand, Inc. (Nasdaq:SND) is a supplier of premium industrial sand for use in the hydraulic fracturing of oil and natural gas wells. The company produces and sells high-quality Northern White frac sand, which is used by oil and gas companies to extract hydrocarbons from shale rock formations. It engages in long-term supply contracts with gas exploration and production companies, oilfield service companies, and industrial manufacturers. Operationally, its facility is located adjacent to the Canadian Pacific Railroad allowing for cost-effective distribution.

Comps: Stabilis Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq:SLNG), Gulf Island Fabrication, Inc. (Nasdaq:GIFI)

Before we compare, it is important to note that these posted negative earnings. With that being said, Smart Sand still has the advantage in several important metrics. Its earnings per share, profit margin, return-on-equity, revenue, quarterly revenue growth year-over-year, and net income are all higher than its counterparts. Moreover, Smart Sand has a lighter debt-to-equity ratio compared to Stabilis Solutions, which makes it more financially stable. Overall, Smart Sand appears to be better positioned for growth than other companies in its industry.