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Companies, especially larger operations outsource talent acquisition with an emphasis on efficiency and affordability. Hudson Global, Inc. (Nasdaq: HSON) provides talent solutions for mid-to-large-cap multinational companies and government agencies under their brand. It offers recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services across the board. In doing so, Hudson RPO was able to cut cost per hire by 50% and fill time by 60% for their clients. 

Comps: DLH Holdings Corp. (Nasdaq: DLHC), HireQuest, Inc. (Nasdaq: HQI)

To compare, Hudson Global is valued at about half of DLH Holdings Corp. and less than a third of HireQuest. While it does not have the margins in terms of profits and return on net assets of these two, it does have superior earnings per share and debt to equity to both. Additionally, it also holds a lower price to earnings than HireQuest. All in all, we can see that despite the thinner margins, the higher earnings for a lower cost to own provide an encouraging opportunity compared to others