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Goldman Sachs Boosts FundPark’s Credit Facility to $500 Million, Strengthening Support for SMEs in Cross-Border E-Commerce

In a significant move, Goldman Sachs has expanded the credit facility of FundPark, a fintech specializing in financing for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) engaged in cross-border e-commerce, to a cumulative total of $500 million. This expansion enhances FundPark’s capacity to aid SMEs in their growth and operational endeavors by utilizing cash flows and inventories as collateral.

Noteworthy for its innovative use of artificial intelligence in loan security and credit assessments, FundPark has achieved a milestone, cumulatively funding SMEs with $2 billion. The company’s AI-driven model adopts a data-centric approach to creditworthiness, relying on real-time cash flow and inventory levels instead of traditional credit metrics. This approach is particularly effective for e-commerce businesses with rapid turnover, requiring flexible financing solutions.

FundPark’s strategic partnerships with major e-commerce platforms play a pivotal role in providing tailored financial services. These collaborations grant access to valuable transaction data, enhancing the precision of the credit assessment AI model.

Looking ahead, FundPark aims to leverage the increased funding capacity for further technological advancements. The company plans to invest in enhancing its AI capabilities and expanding into emerging markets across South and Southeast Asia. This strategic expansion aligns with the booming e-commerce landscape and the substantial demand for alternative financing solutions among SMEs in these regions.