Global Indemnity Group, LLC (GBLI)

Global Indemnity Group, LLC (GBLI)

Global Indemnity Group, LLC (NYSE:GBLI) provides specialty property and casualty insurance products and services to businesses and individuals worldwide. Their products include commercial property, general liability, professional liability, umbrella and excess liability, and workers’ compensation insurance, among others including niche markets such as energy, marine, and entertainment industries. As of last September, they have over USD 2 billion in total assets and have returned USD 553 million to shareholders since 2003.

Comps: HCI Group, Inc. (NYSE:HCI), Universal Insurance Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:UVE)

In comparison to these other insurance firms Global Indemnity Group has the advantage in numerous fundamentals. To enumerate, they recorded better earnings per share, price to earnings per share, and debt to equity ratios, profit margin, return on equity, and net income than both comparable companies. Furthermore, they registered higher revenue and present a greater yield than HCI Group.

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