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Esquire Financial Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq:ESQ) is a bank holding company that specializes in providing commercial banking services to the legal industry, small businesses, and commercial and retail customers. With USD 1.4 billion in total asset value, Esquire Financial Holdings, Inc. has established a strong presence in the financial industry, with a commitment to providing personalized service and innovative solutions to help its clients succeed.

Comps: RBB Bancorp (Nasdaq:RBB), VersaBank (Nasdaq:VBNK)

When comparing to other commercial banks, Esquire Financial Holdings’ earnings per share of 3.47 a high return on equity, indicating better profitability and efficiency. Additionally, its price-to-earnings ratio, profit margin, revenue, and net income all outperform that of VersaBank, indicating strong financial performance and stability. Overall, Esquire Financial Holdings appears to be a more attractive investment option than its peers in the commercial banking industry.