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Asure Software, Inc. (Nasdaq:ASUR) provides cloud-based software solutions for workplace management, including human resources management, time and attendance tracking, and workspace scheduling and utilization. The company’s software products help businesses streamline their operations, increase productivity, and improve employee satisfaction. Its  innovative technology can integrate with existing software systems and provides real-time data analytics and reporting capabilities. The company also offers customized solutions and excellent customer support to its clients.

Comps: LiveVox Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq:LVOX), Viant Technology Inc. (Nasdaq:DSP)

When looking at other software companies, Asure Software differentiates itself from other software companies in several areas. Notably, it boasts a strong return-on-equity and impressive quarterly revenue growth year-over-year. Additionally, its profit margin and net income outperform those of LiveVox Holdings. Furthermore, Asure Software outperforms Viant Technology in terms of earnings per share.