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When it comes to radiation, one of the main difficulties is precision. However, Accuray Incorporated (Nasdaq: ARAY) develops, manufactures, and sells radiation systems that make cancer treatments shorter, safer, smarter, and more effective. Accuray provides precision treatment technologies and covers both radiation therapy and radiosurgery treatments, as well as fully integrated software solutions that drive more advanced treatment planning. Their most notable product is the CyberKnife System, a robotic radiation therapy system used for the treatment of primary and metastatic tumors outside the brain, including on or near the spine and in the breast, kidney, liver, lung, pancreas, and prostate. 

Comps: iCAD, Inc. (Nasdaq: ICAD), ViewRay, Inc. (Nasdaq: VRAY)

It is important to point out that while these corporations differ in market value, their operation overlaps significantly. Still, Accuray’s revenue beats both of them outright. Moreover, they have an advantage when comparing earnings per share, profit margin, and return on equity. Ultimately, Accuray outpaces both by a significant margin looking at income relative to market value.