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The Hackett Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: HCKT) is a leading benchmarking, research advisory and strategic consultancy firm. Clients have access to their unparalleled intellectual property from nearly 20,000 benchmark studies. Not to mention their best practices repository from the world’s leading businesses captured through their leading benchmarking platform, they accelerate digital transformations, including enterprise cloud implementations. 

Comps: Thoughtworks Holding, Inc. (Nasdaq:TWKS), Grid Dynamics Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq:GDYN)

It is important to note that while The Hackett Group and Grid Dynamics are reasonably close in market capitalization, Thoughtworks Holding is worth about 5 times more than The Hackett Group. With that being said, The Hackett Group holds more impressive earnings per share, price to earnings, debt to equity, profit margins, and return on equity than either of these other two firms. Despite the gap in market value of the companies, The Hackett Group comparatively shows formidable fundamentals.