Mannatech, Incorporated (MTEX)

Mannatech, Incorporated (MTEX)

Mannatech, Inc. (Nasdaq:MTEX) is a multinational network marketing firm that specializes in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of health and wellness products. The company’s product portfolio includes nutritional supplements, weight management products, skincare products, and essential oils. Mannatech’s advantage lies in its innovative product line and its strong focus on research and development.

Comps: Flora Growth Corp. (Nasdaq:FLGC), Natural Alternatives International, Inc. (Nasdaq:NAII)

Compared to its counterparts, Mannatech has more favorable earnings per share a yield. Furthermore, its profit margin, return-on-equity, revenue, and net income are greater than that of Flora Growth Corp. Overall, even though it operated at a loss, the 4.5% yield and earnings statistics provide the opportunity for investors.


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