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Sustainability Starts with You.

Landon Capital is a Strategic Investor Relations Firm that Makes Business Smarter.

Our Promise

We started Landon Capital because clients were concerned about cost vs returns as well as having and presenting to the right investors.

We provide our clients with top-level services using tools that provide results.

We provide a quantitative resource to our clients that is 40% more effective than competitors.

Landon Capital

How We Are Different

Landon Capital’s process helps companies do just what they need to create the right exposure.

Our Approch

We use a proprietary algorithmic software that finds qualified investors for our clients.

  • We provide a sales pipeline outreach platform for small and micro-cap companies and ETFs with repeated, personalized, educated, and professional contacts.
  • Our process works by providing access to sophisticated and long-term shareholders through their trusted advisors.

We Get To Work Right Away For Our Clients

Each month, our sales professionals make 3000 outbound calls to retail investors.

We provide our clients
with a Fact Sheet and
Sell-Side analyst report
written by an
independent analyst.

We set conference calls with institutional, retail, and hedge funds that is interested in buying your stock.

We provide our clients with NDR’s every quarter.

Our Commitment To Our Clients


Landon Capital’s services is 40% more cost effective than our competitors. We pride ourselves on giving good service and putting our clients needs first.


We pride ourselves in being transparent in
everything we do. Our transparency fosters trust between us and our clients. We provide each client with reports and data on our work we provide.


Our unique quantitative process ensures that our clients yield a significant return on investment from our partnership. No other investor relations firm delivers results like we do.

Landon Capital
Landon Capital

Trusted by 1000s of Happy Clients

Our Approach To Execution

Execute onboarding call to create fact sheet analyst report.

Find qualified investors to
distribute investment thesis
to achieve the ideal share
price that displays the true
value of the company.

Representing the
company to investors and
representing investors to
the company

Distribute information to
investors (retail and
institutional) in a welltimed and accurate

Offer research data to
support company

Aggressive approach to
expand the company’s

Presenting investor comments to the company’s
management and board.

Construct receptive capital markets for future financing at suitable terms.



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