Civista Bancshares, Inc. (CIVB)

Civista Bancshares, Inc. (CIVB)

Civista Bancshares, Inc. (Nasdaq:CIVB) is a financial holding company that owns Civista Bank, which offers community banking services. With a total asset value of USD 3.5 billion, Civista Bank operates 43 branches across Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

Comps: Sierra Bancorp (Nasdaq:BSRR), Orange County Bancorp, Inc. (Nasdaq:OBT)

Compared to similar firms, Civista displays its value in a few key areas. Its price-to-earnings ratio, revenue, and net income surpass those of its peers. Additionally, its earnings per share, profit margin, and return on equity outperform those of Sierra Bancorp. Furthermore, Civista’s yield of 3.3% is higher than that of Orange County Bancorp.

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